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With years' experiences of marketing and techniques, Scene has become a leading, well known and trustful manufacturer of infrared/white light illuminator, LED camera housing, LED strobe lights and other environment illumination light sources. Our products have been widely apply in security and safety, lighting projects at office, plaza, banking, school, home automation, factory, public building, road, industrial and mining, military and various special occasions.

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Shantou Scene Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the best China LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers, with ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV, we are able to produce IR illuminator, LED flood light, camera housing, PoE IR, Laser module and other video surveillance products with reliable quality.


Infrared light-emitting diode (LED) principle Infrared light-emitting body is composed of infrared light-emitting diode (LED) matrix. Mini IR Illuminator Infrared light emitting diodes from the infrared radiation efficiency of the material made of PN junction, plus forward bias to the PN junction injection current excitation infrared light. Mini IR Illuminator Spectral power distribution for the central wavelength of 830 - 950nm, half - peak bandwidth of about 40nm, as shown in Figure 1 (850nm, Mini IR Illuminator 940nm infrared light emitting diode spectrum diagram) shown. Mini IR Illuminator It is narrow band distribution, for the ordinary CCD black and white camera can feel the range. Its biggest advantage is that there can be no red storm (using 940 ~ 950nm wavelength infrared tube) or only weak red storm (using 850nm wavelength infrared tube); also has a long life characteristics.
Infrared remote control is one of the most widely used communication and control means. Intelligent IR Illuminator It is widely used in household appliances, Intelligent IR Illuminator industrial control and industrial control because of its simple structure, small size, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, Intelligent IR Illuminator high reliability and low cost. Intelligent instrument system. However, most of the remote control on the market are designed for each specific remote control object, can not be directly applied to the common intelligent instrument development and more general control of the occasion. Under normal circumstances, Intelligent IR Illuminator the general family used by the TV, air conditioning, VCD / DVD and other household appliances are using infrared remote control, and these infrared remote control are designed for their respective products, resulting in a number of families in the general Remote control, then, whether the function of these remote control reuse, Intelligent IR Illuminator thereby reducing the number of remote control, so that the function of the remote control is more powerful, it is very necessary.
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